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Brand Awareness

In the early stages of a product, service or company going to market the primary goal of advertising is the creation of a brand and it association with its message. It is the way the product is viewed by the end user or customer and what it will stand for in the marketplace. Get this right and it can be incredibly valuable both in the short term and the long. The recognition of a brand can take time and money, however our techniques can improve the speed of market awareness and increase brand strength, whilst reducing the costs to achieve this.


Promotion is one of the key features in marketing. A company’s promotional plan will comprises of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and publicity. The promotional plan will have a wide range of objectives and aims; to increase sales, gain new product acceptance, creation of brand awareness, market place positioning and a raised corporate/product identity. Having an effective promotional campaign and achieving a good return on investment is the goal. We have cost effective ways to make sure your company or product gets noticed.


Harnessing the incredible power of public relations is a frequently overlooked area of business promotion. It can be seen as a ‘dark art’ and is often confused with marketing. In today’s modern communication environment PR opportunities are valuable assets to any company. Taking charge of how you communicate and getting the message right can make big impact on your bottom line. Are you maximizing the effectiveness of communication to the media, online, to your buyers, to your staff and to the public?

Image Alignment

Image Alignment is about placing your company or products strategically with others who will add value to your brand and image. It can provide added strength to your sales and marketing activity and raise your profile within your chosen sector. For example by aligning your brand or products with a company who has complimentary, established and strong products, access can be provided to a new client base. This can create an unparalleled level of trust and market position because of the company/brand association.

Sales Lead Generation

We have a range of techniques to aid in the generation of new quality sales leads and enquiries. There are plenty of people who want to buy what you are selling. The problem is finding those customers and letting them know what you can offer them. Let us connect you with potential customers and help increase sales. At one time finding customers was more straightforward. Many people shopped locally and simply putting out a sign or opening The Phone Book and ringing some homes or businesses was enough. But today those methods are very limited in their success. We all need to be more creative and have a more targeted approach.

We can deliver:

        • Brand Identity & Awareness

        • Promotions

        • Public Relations

        • Websites, Internet traffic, presence and Social Media campaigns

        • Sales Lead Generation

        • Sales & Marketing Support

        • Client Database

        • B to B & B to C Links

        • Image Alignment

        • Increase Community Identity

        • In-House Company Sales Incentives

        • Recruitment Opportunities

        • Local & National Coverage

        • Merchandising

        • Corporate Events & Hospitality

        • Case Studies

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